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Best Practices for Home Composting and Mixing your Compostable Bags

Composting is a great way to reduce waste, improve soil quality, and grow healthy plants. Home composting is an easy and effective way to start composting. Here are some tips to help you get started with home composting and this will help your compostable bags decompose quicker.

Broccoli stems – You’re Probably Throwing Away the Best Part

The “nose-to-tail” approach has been gaining popularity in recent years, emphasizing the use of all the edible parts of an animal instead of just the prime cuts. At Nostrana, an Italian restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Chef Cathy Whims has been applying this principle to vegetables as well, not because of a vegetable rights advocacy but […]

Geoengineering: The Solution to Climate Change?

The Biden administration celebrated a fusion-energy breakthrough at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last December, hailing it as a major step toward “zero-carbon abundant fusion energy powering our society.” Nathan Myhrvold, a respected inventor and applied scientist, offered a more sober assessment, noting that the machine was designed to produce “at most a few bright […]

According to Choice, a majority of household appliances are packaged in unsustainable materials

Household appliances are essential tools for modern living, but their impact on the environment cannot be ignored. A recent report has revealed that a majority of household appliances are packaged in unsustainable materials, highlighting the urgent need for change.

Mexiko verbietet Klima-startup-Experiment zur Kühlung der Erde, um es in den USA durchzuführen

Die Idee, solares Geoengineering zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels einzusetzen, stößt sowohl auf Interesse als auch auf Kritik. Ein kalifornischer Technologieunternehmer, Luke Iseman, hatte geplant, sonnenreflektierende Partikel in die Atmosphäre zu bringen und “Kühlgutschriften” an US-Firmen zu verkaufen, um Kohlenstoffemissionen auszugleichen. Mexikanische Beamte blockierten jedoch sein Projekt und veranlassten Iseman, darüber nachzudenken, es in die USA […]

Le Mexique interdit l’expérience d’une startup climatique pour refroidir la Terre afin de la réaliser aux États-Unis

L’idée d’utiliser la géoingénierie solaire pour lutter contre le changement climatique a suscité à la fois intérêt et critiques. Un entrepreneur technologique californien, Luke Iseman, avait prévu de lancer des particules réfléchissant la lumière du soleil dans l’atmosphère, vendant des “crédits de refroidissement” aux entreprises américaines comme moyen de compenser les émissions de carbone. Cependant, […]

Mexico Bans Climate Startup’s Experiment to Cool the Earth so may carry it out in the US

The idea of using solar geoengineering to combat climate change has been met with both interest and criticism. One California tech entrepreneur, Luke Iseman, had planned to launch sunlight-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, selling “cooling credits” to U.S. firms as a means of offsetting carbon emissions. However, Mexican officials blocked his project, leading Iseman to […]

Animal-Free Meat: A Solution for Environmentalists and Livestock Farmers?

The rise of animal-free meat has generated a lot of buzz in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do these plant-based and lab-grown alternatives offer a more sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional meat, but they also have the potential to disrupt the entire livestock industry. For environmentalists, animal-free meat represents a solution […]

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