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Geoengineering: The Solution to Climate Change?

The Biden administration celebrated a fusion-energy breakthrough at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last December, hailing it as a major step toward “zero-carbon abundant fusion energy powering our society.” Nathan Myhrvold, a respected inventor and applied scientist, offered a more sober assessment, noting that the machine was designed to produce “at most a few bright […]

According to Choice, a majority of household appliances are packaged in unsustainable materials

Household appliances are essential tools for modern living, but their impact on the environment cannot be ignored. A recent report has revealed that a majority of household appliances are packaged in unsustainable materials, highlighting the urgent need for change.

Mexico Bans Climate Startup’s Experiment to Cool the Earth so may carry it out in the US

The idea of using solar geoengineering to combat climate change has been met with both interest and criticism. One California tech entrepreneur, Luke Iseman, had planned to launch sunlight-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, selling “cooling credits” to U.S. firms as a means of offsetting carbon emissions. However, Mexican officials blocked his project, leading Iseman to […]

Compostal launches Customisable Compostable Bags – Printed Mailers

Compostal has launched a new service where customers can customise compostable mailing bags.  Businesses can add their logo to the bags or have a complete custom design. Our customisable compostable bags are an innovative solution for businesses and individuals who want to reduce their environmental impact while also promoting their brand or message. These bags are […]

Single Use Plastic – When we will stop using it?

Single-use plastic, as the name suggests, is plastic that is used just once before being discarded. It includes items such as plastic bags, water bottles, straws, and food packaging. Although these items are convenient and often seen as essential in our daily lives, their impact on the environment is significant and long-lasting.

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