Zero Carbon

Despite growing concerns about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and climate, the volume of single-use plastics continues to increase worldwide, according to a new report.

15 February 2023

Single-use plastic, as the name suggests, is plastic that is used just once before being discarded. It includes items such as plastic bags, water bottles, straws, and food packaging. Although these items are convenient and often seen as essential in our daily lives, their impact on the environment is significant and long-lasting.

Reducing consumption can play an important role in addressing climate change although not many political parties openly address the urgent need to reduce waste, resources and consumption.

Compostal has launched a new service where customers can customise compostable mailing bags.  Businesses can add their logo to the bags or have a complete custom design. Our customisable compostable bags are an innovative solution for businesses and individuals who want to reduce their environmental impact while also promoting their brand or message. These bags are made from durable, eco-friendly materials and are designed to be completely home-compostable. 

Microplastics are small plastic particles that are less than 5mm in size and have been found to be present in the environment, including in the air we breathe. These particles come from a variety of sources, including the breakdown of larger plastic items, microbeads used in personal care products, and the wear and tear of synthetic clothing fibres.

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