Product Development

Own ‘Prospectol’ branding
Do lab testing service – Look at Thailand for this
Water testing & as solution to bad water sell water purifiers or water dispensing machines

Pouch size: 2 pouches. 
Multi Test Pouch

Single test Pouch size is 6x 12cm

Website Development

Shop online store
Articles about drugs
Articles about lifestyle choices
Articles about drug testing
Articles about technical infromation
Articles about drug related crime
Articles about drugs and effects in business (Good or bad)
Agony Aunt Column
Search Engine API
For B2B develop an interactive online presentation based on classic sales sequence & STEPS* & SPIN
Website concept =


Build brand awareness using SEO, social media, Amazon & Ebay
Marketing based on fixing solutions to problems
Lost Leader marketing

Get employers, teachers & parents to promote an in-depth information section of the Prospecctol website dealing with the issues of drug abuse. Do this in a way to pre-warn the employees, students & children about the consequences of taking drugs and to show them that the employers, teachers and parents have ammunition in their possession to test the ones who have not heeded the advice given. There are two sides to the same coin here. At the end of the day each side would prefer there was no drug abuse problems effecting the situation. This is about getting to buy the test kits as ammunition that may not have to be actually used! This could be a way to make the website more viral – Fixing problems & facing fears.


  • Website articles & presentation targeted to each situation (3 – Workplace, School & Home) with additional information from that. Each situation can be drilled-down eg. construction site, workshop factory etc.
  • Poster (with QR code)
  • Email marketing campaign (B2B still OK to do)

Global Markets

USA, Europe, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong

B2B (Bulk) Markets

Health Businesses

Business strategy

This is all about building a brand if we want to get from ZERO to ONE quickly

Avoided the name implication of ‘drug testing’ in name for more generic problem solving name when immediate solotions can be fixed. It allows us to explore the possibilities of testing what is already considered safe for ourselves, which is often not when the truth is known.

*STEPS is new, Situation, Toleration, Envy, Problem, Solution


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