Compostal has launched a new service where customers can customise compostable mailing bags.  Businesses can add their logo to the bags or have a complete custom design. Our customisable compostable bags are an innovative solution for businesses and individuals who want to reduce their environmental impact while also promoting their brand or message. These bags are made from durable, eco-friendly materials and are designed to be completely home-compostable. 

Reducing consumption can play an important role in addressing climate change although not many political parties openly address the urgent need to reduce waste, resources and consumption.

13 February 2023

NASA's GRACE and GRACE Follow-On satellites have been keeping track of the mass loss in the land ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland since 2002. Data from these satellites reveal a consistent decline in the size of both ice sheets.

10 February 2023

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that are less than 5 millimetres in length. They are produced by the breakdown of larger plastic products, but can also be manufactured for specific purposes such as microbeads in personal care products.

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