23 February 2023

The Biden administration celebrated a fusion-energy breakthrough at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last December, hailing it as a major step toward “zero-carbon abundant fusion energy powering our society.” Nathan Myhrvold, a respected inventor and applied scientist, offered a more sober assessment, noting that the machine was designed to produce “at most a few bright flashes of raw energy a day” and comparing it to a car blowing up in a movie. But Mr. Myhrvold’s skepticism about one technological advance doesn’t mean he’s resigned to climate change. To the contrary, he’s long been a champion of geoengineering—human interventions in the Earth’s natural systems to combat global warming.

19 February 2023

The idea of using solar geoengineering to combat climate change has been met with both interest and criticism. One California tech entrepreneur, Luke Iseman, had planned to launch sunlight-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, selling "cooling credits" to U.S. firms as a means of offsetting carbon emissions. However, Mexican officials blocked his project, leading Iseman to consider moving it to the U.S. or another country.

20 February 2023

We believe trade is a good thing and Brexit has been a disaster but here at Compostal, we believe food should be 90% homegrown and kept in the country...

Despite growing concerns about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and climate, the volume of single-use plastics continues to increase worldwide, according to a new report.

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