According to a recent report by the United Nations, drastic measures could lead to an impressive 80% reduction in global plastic pollution by the year 2040. The findings highlight the urgent need to address this pressing environmental issue and provide hope for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

19 March 2023

Journalist and activist George Monbiot highlights the devastating impact of our reliance on fossil fuels. Monbiot states that "our use of fossil fuels is causing 10 million deaths per year, equivalent to a genocide every 8 months." This statement is a sobering reminder of the catastrophic consequences of our continued dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

03 May 2023

There's talk of a spring drought, and while it was intermittent (meaning not quite every day) in February, the rain fell incessantly during the whole of March. That's Cumbria (or, after the local government reorganisation up here, more correctly Cumberland, and Westmorland and Furness) for you. Despite a short, sunny, and very welcome respite recently, the clouds have opened once again, the temperature is plummeting, and the webs between my toes are spreading daily. However, a swallow flew past the other day, so, indeed, things are getting better.

We have the ability to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester it in the ocean as sodium bicarbonate, according to new research.

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